Horlick Choirs - Audition for Chorale

Chorale Audition

  1. Students completing their freshman, sophomore or junior year may audition for membership in the William Horlick High School Chorale.

  2. Each student will receive audition materials and should sign up for an afterschool appointment to sing in front of adult judges and outgoing senior members of current Chorale (actual dates are posted on choir calendar – www.horlickchoirs.org)

  3. Audition materials will include (6) rhythm patterns and (6) solfege melodies to be practiced. During the audition, the student will recite the rhythm pattern and sing the melody determined by the number on shaken dice. The student is permitted to use his/her practice packet. Once completed, the student will be expected to sightread (1) new rhythm and (1) new solfege.

  4. The student will sing “Dona Nobis Pacem” (in a comfortable key) as a solo. The piano may be used to give a starting note of student’s choosing.

  5. Each student will prepare the supplied song – “The National Anthem.” All girls will sing the ALTO line. Boys can choose between tenor and bass. Excellent preparation is essential as the auditioning student will sing in a quartet of outgoing seniors.

  6. The final selection will be student choice. In an effort to evaluate the personality of each singer, please prepare a stylistic rendition of a well-known piece. Some examples are: “Happy Birthday,” “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star,” “The Alphabet Song,” etc. Do have your selection picked and practiced as it is not a choice that should be made in front of the judges!! The student should showcase his/her love of singing and the versatility of his/her voice. Be creative and have fun! Keep it short.

  7. Chorale is the top concert choir and its members will be expected to exhibit commitment to the group, leadership skills with underclassmen, as well as independent musicianship – preparing music and practicing outside the school day. Additional rehearsals, concerts, fundraisers, and competitions may involve extra evenings and/or weekends, including Retreat. All efforts will be made by Mrs. Christensen to allow sufficient scheduling time. The PARENTS of Chorale students will be encouraged to become ACTIVE MEMBERS in our parent association (HVMPA). Many of our special events rely on the cooperation and dedication of entire Horlick families.

  8. Truancy and multiple absences cannot be tolerated in Chorale. With the number of pieces we prepare throughout the year, all choir members need to be present on a daily basis. Students unable to fulfill this obligation may be removed from Chorale and may be barred from auditioning in the following school year. Direct communication with Mrs. Christensen about scheduling conflicts is expected.

  9. CHORALE MEMBERS PARTICIPATE IN A MANDATORY SPRING BREAK TOUR. The location, number of days, cost, and other details are worked out in a collaborative effort between the HVMPA and Mrs. Christensen. Costs in the past years have ranged from $600 to $1,500. Students are provided with numerous opportunities to fundraise the entire cost of the trip. Scholarships and contests may provide additional funding. Students unwilling/unable to commit to the tour should sign up for the non-auditioned choirs: Lorelei (all female) or Rebel Men.

  10. Chorale students are charged the annual $25 choir fee. In the event of a lost uniform item (i.e. bowtie) the student will pay a replacement fee. Students with incomplete uniforms may be prohibited from performing, which will result in a lowered grade.

  11. Students who are accepted into Chorale will be invited to audition for Singers. Audition packets will be provided at another time.

  12. Open and print the following pdf consent formChorale Audition Consent Form