Horlick Choirs - Audition for Singers

Singers Audition


The High Renaissance Feast is our major focus in the fall. To that end, we need performers who can sing, as well as act, while maintaining an English accent.


I. Introduce Yourself

State your name (a made-up Elizabethan sounding name or real person) and introduce yourself to the judges. Maintain an English accent and use your acting skills to make us believe you are that person. Be ready to answer some questions.


II. Rounds

Please prepare the rounds (attached on back) to perform with the outgoing seniors. You will shake a die to find out which round you will perform. Then you select an emotion to convey while you sing – the zanier the better! We should be able to guess which feeling you are sharing. Stay in character throughout and sing in your best English accent. You may use the piano to select and starting pitch. Rounds are sung 3 times.


III. “Remember O Thou Man”

Please prepare the part for your voice. If I said you were a Soprano II (on the Chorale sheet) please use the four-part division. Graduating seniors will fill in the other voices. Again, remain in character and try to convey emotion with your voice. You may play the starting pitches on the piano before beginning.


Open and print the following pdf consent form: Singers Audition Consent Form