Horlick Choirs - Attendence

Grading Policy




 Your concerts are a culmination of almost an entire quarter of daily rehearsals.  There is no way to make up a concert (See policy specific to your choir for the process if you miss a concert).  Concerts are scheduled in May before summer vacation so that there are no, or very few, conflicts with school activities or church activities.  Should you glance at the schedule and see a church conflict, contact Mrs. Christensen at school before the end of the first week of school to notify her.  Should an immediate emergency (defined below) arise that may cause an absence from a concert, students must take it upon themselves to communicate with the director immediately upon their return from this emergency.  No emergency or absence is excused unless it is cleared, in writing, by both the director, the student, and (if student is under 18) the parent or legal guardian of the student.  In any case, you must arrange a meeting at a time convenient for the director to determine the future of your membership in the choir for which you are singing and any additional work you will need to do for missing the concert.


 Emergencies in this category are defined as follows: death in the family, serious illness of the student or immediate family member that is severe to the point that the student cannot attend school because of it.  Physician documentation is requested if this arises.  Please have the physician mail or fax (635-5723) the necessary documentation as personal delivery of a physician's note will not be accepted.


EMPLOYMENT OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE FOR MISSING A CONCERT!!!  Any employer that does not allow you to take off work for something school-related (with advance notification of course) is not a good employer to work for.  FIND SOMEONE TO WORK FOR YOU NOW!  IT IS YOUR responsibility to notify your employer NOW so they can plan ahead.  If you forget to do so, you still need to be at the concert, regardless of the consequence your employer deems fit for late notification of not being able to work.


TRANSPORTATION DIFFICULTY IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE EXCUSE FOR MISSING A CONCERT!!!  Call another choir member, a choir parent, or Mrs. Christensen (619-4322) if you cannot find a ride, but do it before 4:30 PM.  If you know far enough in advance, let Mrs. Christensen know ahead of time and perhaps a ride can be set up in advance with another parent.


Continued membership in any of our vocal groups will most likely be terminated if there are unexcused absences.


Schedules for the year's concerts are readily available.  Some concerts may be scheduled later.  Students will have the responsibility to attend those concerts when they make the commitment.  If they cannot attend, they must notify the director at the time of commitment.  This does NOT include rescheduling a concert.  If a concert is rescheduled, you will be notified early enough and are required to be there.


ATTENTION ALL PARENTS!  PLEASE plan family trips with consideration for the concert schedule.  Conflicts involving school activities MUST be declared at least three weeks before a concert.  Some music may involve one person per part, and that may be YOUR child!


Please understand that a concert is a culmination of an entire quarter of hard work.  It is similar to a sports team.  If you practice for two months only the miss the game, you will let down your teammates.  Every performing group depends on good team players that they can count on to be successful.


An UNEXCUSED absence from a concert will result in the drop of THREE letter grades.